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Robert L. Tools

Robert (Bob) Tools Benefit Fund

For people who would like to make contributions to the family of Mr. Tools, a benefit account has been opened in his hometown of Franklin, Kentucky at Integra Bank. Following is information regarding the account.

Organizer: Marie Buchanan
Friend of Family

Bank: Integra Bank
Franklin, Kentucky
Darla Knight

Contributions: Integra Bank
P.O. Box 617
Franklin, KY 42135
Attn: Robert Tools Benefit Account

Key Points:

  • Mr. Tools is a medical pioneer - world's first totally implantable artificial heart recipient (the patient is incurring NO medical costs as it relates to this procedure)
  • The family is living on a very limited income
  • Mr. Tools is receiving minimal disability income, but has not been able to work for quite a while
  • Wife has left her full-time job to be with Mr. Tools while he recuperates
  • A timeframe has not been established in terms of when Mr. Tools might be released so that his wife can begin working again
  • The fund was started by members of the St. Mary's Catholic Church, where Mr. Tools and his wife are member
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