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May 26, 2004
Linda McGinity Jackson,
Vice President of Public Relations,
Mary Jennings, Manager
(502) 587-4230
Kathy Keadle, University of Louisville
(502) 852-7504

Patient is 14th in the U.S. to Receive the Device

(LOUISVILLE) – Another patient received an AbioCor® Implantable Replacement Heart through the efforts of a Jewish Hospital/University of Louisville team led by surgeons Laman Gray, M.D., and Rob Dowling, M.D. The procedure took place May 24, 2004, and lasted about 9 hours. The patient is currently in critical but stable condition. At the request of the patient’s family, the patient’s name and other details are not being released.

Jewish Hospital officials and the physicians who performed the procedure will not be available for further comment at this time. Updates will be provided as significant changes in the patient’s condition occur and at the request of the family.

The patient is the seventh Jewish Hospital patient to be implanted with an AbioCor heart and the 14th person in the United States to receive an implant. The patient is the second to receive the heart this month at Jewish Hospital. The other patient underwent surgery on May 3 and remains in critical condition.

The experimental procedure is the result of some 20 years of product research and development by ABIOMED, Inc., of Danvers, Mass. Jewish Hospital and University of Louisville surgeons Gray and Dowling began working with the company about five years ago. During the years leading up to the human implants, the device was validated in FDA approved animal trials. A team of nurses, perfusionists, physician assistants, anesthesiologists and other support staff also worked in the development of the device to learn how to care for patients.

Patients who are eligible to receive an AbioCor device have a high probability of dying within 30 days without the device. They are not candidates for other treatments, such as a heart transplants.


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