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News Releases

July 5, 2001
Linda McGinity Jackson,
Kathy Keadle,
Tess Donovan, Brodeur Worldwide for ABIOMED: 617-587-2981

The patient, recipient of the ABIOMED, Inc.'s AbioCor replacement heart, was taken off a ventilator yesterday and was successfully breathing on his own. Because of the patient's previously described severely weakened condition, the patient was returned to ventilator support to allow him to gain strength and to rest.

This is not an unexpected occurrence for any patient in this condition, and the physicians expect to remove the ventilator within days. While recovering from major surgery, patients with end-stage congestive heart failure may periodically need ventilator support for short intervals of time during recovery.

In keeping with our previously announced intent to observe a quiet period because of patient privacy and confidentiality, Jewish Hospital/University of Louisville public relations will provide updates when appropriate. We anticipate the next update to be early next week.

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