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AbioCor™ Implantable Replacement Heart Update
July 11, 2001

Patient Condition

According to Drs. Gray and Dowling the patient was removed from the ventilator on Monday afternoon and was able to converse with his family and physicians and enjoyed sitting up in a chair listening to his favorite music. He was returned to the operating room on Monday to drain fluid, which had accumulated around the battery pack. This procedure lasted approximately 30 minutes and the patient returned to his room where he rested comfortably for the remainder of the evening. He later enjoyed watching a movie with his wife.

The patient requested that the physicians relay his sincere appreciation for the many prayers he has received from around the world. He is looking forward to expressing his gratitude personally.

On Tuesday, the patients’ chest tube drained an increased amount of fluid and blood. The surgeons have evaluated the increased drainage and have determined that a return trip to the operating room is not currently warranted as the oozing appears to be a result of the anticoagulation therapy he is receiving as part of his treatment protocol. Late Tuesday evening the patient experienced fatigue and the decision was made to place him back on the ventilator.

The device continues to function flawlessly.

Today his condition remains critical but stable and he is resting comfortably. He is communicating with his family and friends and is continuing his exercise program.

The Surgeons

Future Media Inquiries

Jewish Hospital, the University of Louisville and ABIOMED have indicated that they would enforce a “quiet period” with regard to the recent implant of the AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart. This quiet period is intended to protect and respect the privacy and confidentiality of the patient and his family. We urge members of the media to understand and respect this policy.

In recognition of the numerous calls and inquiries concerning the technical facets of the AbioCor and of the surgical procedure, and the “well wishes” sent to the patient and his family, Jewish Hospital, the University of Louisville and ABIOMED have agreed that we will receive questions via our media center at (502) 561-5447. Answers to questions will be obtained from appropriate parties at the various institutions, and questions and answers will be posted on our websites at and Please note that we will not respond to questions regarding the patient’s clinical condition, or to questions that would infringe upon the privacy of the patient or his family.

We appreciate very much the interest being shown in this project. We also hope that members of the media can appreciate and respect our desire to conduct this clinical trial in an ethical manner, respecting above all the dignity and privacy of the patient and his family.

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