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News Releases

November 30, 2001
Linda McGinity Jackson,
Mary Jennings,
Kathy Keadle,

Condition of first artificial heart patient deteriorates

(Louisville, Ky.) - We are saddened to announce that Robert Tools, the recipient of the world's first totally implantable artificial heart on July 2 at Jewish Hospital, is suffering a severe setback. Mr. Tools has developed bleeding in his abdominal area due to the continuous anti-coagulation problems that Mr. Tools has had from the onset related to his severe and chronic medical condition. It is not anticipated that Mr. Tools will recover from this setback.

Mr. Tools began bleeding on Thursday, November 29, 2001, and went into multi-organ system failure late Thursday. The bleeding Mr. Tools experienced is unrelated to the stroke he suffered November 11. This deterioration in his condition is not due to an AbioCor device malfunction.

Mr. Tools' family continues to be grateful for the prayers and support they are receiving from the community.

The physicians, Mr. Tools wife, Carol, and his children will not be available for interviews at this time. We appreciate your continued respect for their privacy.

We will update you if there are significant changes in Mr. Tools' status.


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